Jessica Foos Jones Book

BREATHE          INTO               NOW

Living in the present moment or in the state of flow is what allows us to find true fulfillment and happiness.


 It has been scientifically proven that many physiological changes happen in flow that give us peak performance, skyrocketing creativity and motivation. When we are in flow, we have an amplified connection to intuition, and the five most potent feel good chemicals known to man are released into the body so we feel great!

It is a place of profound inner peace, joy and benevolence towards all.

It is what allows us to find heaven on earth. 


It is easily accessible with knowledge of recent advances in neuroscience. 


Creating a simple system and incorporating it into our lives is a surefire way to grow the strong neural pathways to get into the flow state quickly and stay there for longer and longer periods of time.  Read this short book and find out how to do this with ease! 


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