The Huge Benefits of Achieving the Whole Brain State

A constant barrage of information coming from all sides leads us to question whether we are enough as we are: whether we are thin enough, attractive enough, fit enough, smart enough, rich enough, youthful enough, have time enough, …. etc. The truth, though, is that we are whole and complete infinite beings connected to all that is just as we are.

Feeling not enough of anything is a constricted feeling that feels separated from others as opposed to connected. It feels isolated and tinged with shame. It puts us in a low energetic frequency which makes us then attract experiences that perpetuate the low energetic frequency.

Feeling not good enough keeps us in our sympathetic nervous system, poised for fight or flight. It can put us in a hyper-vigilant, self-conscious, anxious state. It keeps us from feeling relaxed, expanded and whole, which is our true nature.

When the sympathetic nervous system is on and we are anxious, energy is constricted. This tends to block the normal hemispheric shift from left to right brain and back again. When the brain tries to come up with solutions when anxious, it’s actually stuck in place like a car spinning its wheels fruitlessly in mud.

It has been found that activating both sides of the brain in a normal repeated pattern will start to activate the whole brain state, calm the anxiety and get us out of being stuck in the sympathetic nervous system. Children with anxiety are taught the “Butterfly Hug” where you cross your arms over your chest and tap each shoulder rhythmically. This has been found to activate both sides of the brain and to have a very calming effect. There are many other ways to achieve the whole brain state where blood flows equally to both sides of the brain and turns off worry and anxiety.

The Worry Free Mind by Kershaw and Wade states that practicing the whole brain state and the discipline to achieve this state enables you to resolve past hurts and yearnings, shore up any feelings of inadequacy and keep worry at bay.

There are a gazillion other benefits of achieving the whole brain state as well. When you achieve the whole brain state, you can tell because the internal chatter slows down and you feel calm. You automatically shift into Alpha brain state and the brain waves are coherent and synchronized. Dr Joe Dispenza wrote that the coherent brain sets the stage for healing as an orderly, new synchronized signal to the body from the brain organizes all of the diverse body systems into homeostasis.

Les Fehmi, researcher and director of the Princeton Biofeedback Center found with recent advances in neuroscience that the quickest way to achieve the whole brain state is to concentrate on space. He found that when his students focused on space, blood flowed equally to both sides of the brain and produced the whole brain state, as both hemispheres started to function equally at the same time instead of one hemisphere at a time, which is the usual.

Buddhist monks have known this for over a thousand years. Buddhist meditators are instructed to focus on space, for example the space in a mandala. As a result of this focus on “nothing” the whole brain is flooded with synchronous Alpha waves which calms the system and shuts out worry. The result is more flexible processing and feelings of lightness, well-being and creativity.

When two people together experience Alpha synchrony, which automatically happens in the whole brain state, they are more tolerant of their partner’s weaknesses, and all notion of threat from each other dissolves while clear thinking replaces worry and fear. You see possibilities and a positive future. You feel balanced and at peace with yourself and your environment.

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