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My services are most effective for women who are one or more of the following:  

  •  Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose  Want more joy, fulfillment, and love  

  • Are feeling "stuck" but don't know why

  • Want to be more attuned to relationships, health, and creative expression 


Would you like to create a

free plan to release

stress, anxiety and worry?

The methods I use are proven to work  based on recent advances in neuroscience. I will share a strategy that you can do anywhere in less than five minutes that will quickly regulate your nervous system and stop overwhelm in its tracks. This alone makes it  worth your time.

I will share with you a daily ritual that will help you rewire your brain to transform your stress, anxiety and worry into feeling more ease, peace and well-being.

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a virtual coach and workshop facilitator. If you are anxious and worried, and getting pulled into negativity more than you like, I'd love to help you.

The reason I am so interested in sharing this is because of what I learned after an awful accident I was in several years ago. It left me in a state of gratitude for being alive. The silver lining of the accident was that for a few weeks afterwards, I felt very little negativity, stress or worry. During this time, I did not have the harsh inner-critic or monkey mind.

I had been hit by a pickup truck going 40 miles an hour while I was running across a crosswalk to catch a bus to work in the morning. I was desperate to catch the bus because I was running late to get to work.

The light was green when I started crossing, though the pedestrian signal blinked, "Don't Walk". As I was jogging across the crosswalk, my eyes riveted on the bus, I was hit and knocked unconscious. The police report said I was thrown into the air. A woman working at the bank on the corner said she saw my body flying through the air and she called an ambulance.

I was in the hospital for two weeks and in a wheel chair until my bones healed. For some reason, I believed I would heal completely. Nobody told me this. I just believed it. I am not sure exactly why I believed this. Maybe I just willed it. .

I did heal completely and quickly. The surgeon was amazed. I think a lot of the reason I healed so well and so quickly was because for a few weeks after the accident I was in a state of mind where I did not have the harsh self-critic or monkey mind. I was very grateful to be alive and for those first few weeks I did not feel stress, worry or anxiety. I had a feeling of equanimity and that all was, in essence, well. I felt this sense that all was well even though I was in a wheel chair and my life had been turned upside down.

This positive, calm state of mind just happened. I did not work on having this. It just was. I learned afterwards that if a person feels stress or negativity then the body goes into fight or flight, and it is only when the body relaxes and the brain waves slow down, that the body is able to heal well.

Afterwards as the weeks past and I healed, the feelings of stress, worry and anxiety came back. I remembered, though, the state of mind I had before, when I was not stressed, anxious or worried, when I had been so grateful to just be alive; when I would look at the leaves on trees and feel completely present in the moment feeling a sense of awe.

In order to learn how to regain the still and peaceful state of mind I had right after the accident, and release the stress, anxiety and worry that I again was feeling, I read Eckhart Tolle's, The Power of Now, and I understood it intellectually, but I had difficulty being for more than a few seconds in a state of mind that was still, without the self-critic, negativity or thoughts racing through my mind. Over the years after the accident, with meditation and a lot of research in recent neuroscience, I learned easy ways to slow the mind chatter, "regulate" myself to feel grounded in my body, safe and calm.

I learned among other things, to feel awareness of the five senses, instead of being focused in my mind and in my thoughts. The very effective method I learned is simple and can be done throughout the day with very immediate and very positive effects. It feels great and has so many wonderful benefits. Steve Kotler wrote about them in his book The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance. It takes practicing the methods I learned consistently to maintain feelings of ease peace and well-being. So making them a daily ritual is very effective.

Certain scenarios still trigger me and throw me off. Though, if I remember the methods I learned, (which is harder the more triggered I am) they are sure to bring me back to a place of calm, grounded well-being. I have learned very effective ways to release the triggers and other issues that pop up, that are usually related to unconscious childhood programming. Some release quickly and others release in layers.

Practicing these methods has made a dramatic impact for the better in my life and I would like to help others transform their stress, anxiety and worry into feeling more peace, ease and well-being as well.


My doing this practice consistently has transformed our chaotic early school morning mad rush into calm mornings that flow easily. Before I started doing this, I found myself flipping out at my elementary age daughter and having to apologize to her afterwards more than I care to admit because fo the stress I felt at wanting to be on time. We had to be at school before the late bell at 7:25 and also pick up the neighborhood kids for our carpool. Because of doing this practice, I was able to remain calm and the mornings started flowing easily. It actually felt kind of like magic.

As I did this practice, we were able to get everything done with ease and calm, and somehow the time seemed to stretch out. It felt like we had more time. I was calm so my daughter was calm and collected and remembered the things she needed to do. We were early every single day that last year of elementary school (which was the last year we had to be so early) My daughter had perfect attendance.

I told my neighbor about this method when said she was very nervous about giving a presentation a few days later at a business workshop conference. She told me later that she practiced the method I told her about before giving her presentation and that she felt it really helped her give a great presentation. She said she ended up winning first place in the competition!

When a friend of mine who is a heart surgeon told me he was little nervous about giving a presentation at a conference for surgeons, I told him about this method. He said afterwards that he practiced this method before giving his speech and that it really helped. It turned out that a large prestigious hospital contacted him afterwards and offered him a position with a huge pay raise and promotion director their thoracic surgery department.


If you'll join me for a 45 minute complimentary session, I'll show you a strategy that you can do anywhere in less than 5 minutes to quickly regulate your nervous system and stop overwhelm in its tracks. I'll also help you create a clear and achievable plan to help rewire your brain to transform your stress, anxiety and worry into feeling more ease, peace and well-being.



One reason I am doing this for free is altruistic. I love helping people. I feel that practicing this method has a cumulative effect on everybody around us. I know it sounds "corny." I love the saying that "Peace begins with me." There is so much truth to that.


The other reason is that it is one of the most fulfilling ways to get clients without needing to do any marketing. During the creation of your plan, I get to see you and your issues quite well. At the same time, you might get excited about the plan and see the benefit of working with an experienced person to help implement the plan faster, get clarity, and get help clearing triggers and blocks that pop up, many of which are related to unconscious childhood programming. After our meeting you can also decide to use the plan on your own.


When we meet. we'll perform a threee step strategic process based on the same intake process I use with all my clients.


We'll follow these steps:


1. First we review your goals and visions, and identify some success markers. (ie. What you would like to achieve, how you would like to feel and what your life would look like with less stress, worry and anxiety. Just some benefits would be to sleep better stop flipping out at your romantic partner or kids and then feeling awful afterwards, feel healthier...)


2. Next we'll inventory the biggest issues in your life pertaining to how stress, anxiety and worry are affecting you.


3. Finally, we'll create a customized plan creating daily habits that will help you achieve more peace, ease and well-being in your life with scientifically proven methods in a way that is quantifiable.


With this clear plan in hand, one of two things can happen next:


One option is that you'll feel like you can implement the plan on your own. In that case, you have my enthusiastic wishes for your success.


The other options that you are excited about the plan, but prefer to have me help you implement it successfully and also help you release triggers, issues and roadblocks that arise. In that case, and assuming I feel like I actually can help you, we can then talk about virtual coaching.



For 45 minute sessions one on one once a week the virtual coaching fees are $1200 for 3 months. If you do not feel you have gotten the results you want after the first two weeks there is a money back guarantee.


I fully believe if you take it seriously, engage fully, take action, and make the methods a part of your daily habits, the investment is insignificant to the benefits you will feel in your life.



I can only make a limited number of these appointments available any given month so I want to make sure that if we meet, you are actually going to get some benefit from it, and that I am talking to people to whom I can provide the most value.


So to respect your time and mine, let me share some of the characteristics of the peopleI work with best, and for whom I can make the most impact.


* You are open to being coached, and trying new things, even if they feel uncomfortable at first.

* You are interested in the concept of "mindfulness" and are willing to explore

* You can make time in your daily schedule: 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening and at least two five minute sessions throughout the day, which can be when you are driving, waiting in line at a store, washing dishes, pumping gas....etc. Or you can make specific breaks during the day when you need an effective quick recharge.



If after reading this far, you see yourself as one of the people I can best help. And if you are ready fo get started on creating clarity on how you can best transform your stress, anxiety and worry into more ease, peace and well-being in your life, here's hoe to request an appointment.


Click on the link to create an appointment and you will be taken to my online calendar. There, you'll see the dates and times I currently have available for these planning sessions. Please choose one that suits you best.


Once you select an appointment time, I'll ask you a few questions that will help me prepare for our call, and also confirm that I can actually help you. Please be sure to fill this in thoughtfully and honestly -- it will make our time together super productive.


Once you've answered the questions, click the button at the bottom of the form and the appointment date/time you selected will be confirmed


You'll get an email to confirm your appintment. Please keep this handy, It will have all the details of the zoom meeting room and/or phone number.


I will review the information you provided before we meet. If, after reviewing it, I determine I can't help you, I'll let you know and give you alternate resources or referrals that I think will serve you better.


Otherwise, I'll use the information to prepare for our meeting and look forward to our chat.


If you find you can't keep the appointment, pleaes refer to your confirmation email for instructions on cancelling the appointment.


Please don't miss the appointment without canceling. RememberI only set the time aside for a few these meetings. If you cant or don't want to keep your appointment, cancelling your appointment will make it available for someone else.


Jessica Foos Jones is a virtual coach and workshop facilitator, She is also a writer, artist and entrepreneur. She received a B.A. from Georgetown University, a BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and an M.F.A from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. 

She has written for the Associated Press and People Magazine, and she has exhibited ceramic art at galleries in Santa Barbara, CA, San Francisco, CA, Charleston, SC, Sullivan’s Island, SC, Shanghai and Jing De Zhen, China. 

She lives in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Click on this link to Schedule a session:

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